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An Emory 356 Outlaw: From Barn Find to “New York Special”

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Look out New York, there’s a new Outlaw in town and this compact renegade is not only “Special” but means serious business. Flashback to an unseasonably warm fall afternoon in Brooklyn… Canvas top folded back, hair whipping across my face, the smell of new leather and petrol in the air, and the sound of the…

Bare-bones Porsche 356: The Mechanics Training Chassis

Porsche 356A Training Chassis engine

When I first read that Porsche produced a bare-bones 356 solely for the purpose to train mechanics in the ’50s, I was puzzled and intrigued. Why would Porsche ship a functioning shell-less car and not just stand-alone motors or transmissions? Porsche produced two 356A Training Chassis for the US with only one left in existence…